Intelligent Transportation

As of this writing there currently exist on Transportation Systems Book 1, 11 Journeymen.

Work traditionally this time of year begins to slow down due to the upcoming Holiday Season. But as I have reported with only 11 out of work Journeymen, it supports that work generally is holding steady and additional opportunities may be just around the corner.

In order to best make yourself available, please continue to maintain your Electricians State Certification. By doing so you enhance your opportunities thusly. If you are looking for a different variety of work, signing the lower Journeyman Wireman books may catch you an overflow call is this time when work is available there too.

After the Holidays, new projects will start which include Light Rail and ATSAC, along with Capitol Improvements on the Freeway Systems and Ports.

If you know of anyone, friend, relative, neighbor, etc., who is looking for a Career start as an apprentice, please direct them to the website,, where they can apply.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me at 626-255-2706 or email at

Patrick Owens

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