District 5 — June Report

Hello Brothers & Sisters from the High Desert:

As we are now into summer, work is continuing to be good. We are working at Defense Plant 42, Boeing, Lockheed and Northrop with various contractors. We are also working at Antelope Valley College, Palmdale School District, Antelope Valley Fairgrounds and San Pablo Raceway solar project just to name a few. We are striving to secure more Community Workforce Agreements as this creates more work for our members.

Through political action I want to thank our administration, Joel Barton and Rusty Roten, and also the City of Palmdale and Lancaster for working together with us to help the community, our residents and our members in creating great careers in the IBEW. It has taken several years working with our elected officials making long lasting friendships and having that special trust between us.

I also want to thank our officers and members who come out to support us in our never-ending endeavors for always helping to make our lives better. Alfredo Torres, King Moore, Ed Fowler, Mike Kaminski, Luis Martinez, Edgar Ico, Dion Jensen, Shane Fairbrother, Adalberto Gonzales, Victor Lambaren, James Jorgenson, Miguel Sanchez, Nathalie Torres, Darren Hilts, Ian Gibson, Jacqueline Torres, Michael Polanco, Romeo Gonzalez, Ron Dreiling, Ahmad Anderson, Gilberto Roca, Levi Romero, Felipe Figueroa, Justin Naillieux, Joshua Rivas, Ray McBain, Roy McBain, and Maurice Washington.

Thank you to our officers and all of our members for your hard work and participation.

God Bless the IBEW

Mitch Klein
District 5 Business Report

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