Sound & Communications — Contract Ratified

Brothers & Sisters of the S&C Unit of Local 11,

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, the Sound & Communications Unit of Local 11 ratified the new agreement between NECA and the Locals of the Southern California Division of the 9th District. At this writing I believe that all Locals involved have also ratified the agreement. Following the ratification meeting Saturday morning an allocation meeting was held and it was decided that all monies allotted for the raise in the first year would be put on the check. In both the ratification and allocation meetings discussions were extensive, and while nothing passed with a unanimous vote, everyone could speak, and the majority ruled. As soon as possible the information regarding the changes to the contract and the agreed to monies will be on the website and available to the members of the S&C Unit.

Work safe, play hard,

Chuck Webb

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