Holiday Safety Report

Hello my sisters and brothers,

I know this is a busy time of year. I ask you to stop, take a moment and let this writing sink in.

Many times life’s distractions keep our mind busy and we fail to keep safety at our forefront. I’m asking during this hectic season to…Stop. Take time before work and make a point to think about your safety and the safety of others. This should be done daily. Safety is no accident. The season is filled with friends, family and brotherhood. Enjoy it. Make sure you enjoy the times from your own bed and not a hospital bed. Take time to count your blessings. WE in America, as IBEW union workers have a lot to be thankful for. Don’t let the busy ness of life take over. Stop and smell the poinsettias.

This brings me to traditions. Since our beginning, our IBEW has had a President in charge of all the IBEW. With Henry Miller being the first. Back when I took my JW exam the last question was, “who is the International President?” At that time is was Brother Charles Pillard. He was International President from 1968 till 1986. (RIP 4-26-1999) Then we had John Joseph (Jack) Barry 1986-2001. (RIP 8-28-2005) Next is was Edwin D. (Ed) Hill. 2001-2015. RIP (12-1-2018) He retired 6-1-15 and passed the torch to our current President who is Brother Lonnie Stephenson. All these brothers I mentioned and the ones before them all had the tradition and spirit of Brotherhood in their heart. They accepted the challenge to lead our IBEW forward. We must do the same.

And it brings me to a Christmas card I received from Bro. Ed Hill while he was President. I think it is fitting. I could not put it any better how I feel. Today I send his writings to all of you. RIP Bro. Ed. WE will keep the torch burning and Brotherhood alive in our hearts.


“May This Christmas season bring you gifts of love, peace and brotherhood.

The true spirit of this season isn’t about one day or place.

It is about being at peace with ourselves — and each other.

It is about unconditional love and caring for and about others — knowing it might not be returned.

And like the spirit of solidarity that runs through the ranks of our great Brotherhood, it is something        we must commit to every day of the year.

May you and your family be touched by the spirit of the season.”


Merry Christmas and may God bless you, yours and our IBEW.

Yours In Brotherhood,

Bro. Ivan


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