From the President: Double Time

My Brothers and Sisters,

As I write this article, your next contract increase has gone into effect along with another important change. Double time will now go into effect after 10 hours instead of 12 hours. It is also important that you understand how this works.

If you are on a 4-10 schedule this means that after working 10 hours straight time the 11th hour and all hours after are at the double time rate. If the contractor were to have you work on the fifth day (Friday) however then the 10 hours worked would be at time and one half. Why? Because you have to look at the schedule as being 5 – 8’s straight time and 2 hours at time and one half and then 11 thru 24 hours as double time.

Saturday will be 10 hours at time and one half and the 11th hour and on as double time rate. As always, if you have questions just ask your agent or call the main office and we will be happy to address your questions.

Get out there, work hard (and safe) and make a good living! Let’s have a great year!

In Solidarity,

Rusty Roten
President / Sr. Asst. Bus. Mgr.

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