Safety is the Spirit of Solidarity

Happy New Year my Sisters and Brothers,

I hope your holiday season was blessed by family and friends. I pray this new year brings you happiness and prosperity. If we are to do anything different this year, let’s start by seeing if we can work safer and promote our Brotherhood more.

Many times, life’s distractions keep our mind busy and we fail to keep safety at our forefront. This year make a point to talk about your safety and the safety of others. Not just at the weekly safety meeting. Have the conversation with your sisters and brothers during break or lunch. Point out hazards to apprentices and CW’s. Safety is no accident. Let this year be filled with friends, family and brotherhood. Make sure you enjoy the good times from your own bed and not a hospital bed.

WE in America, as IBEW union workers have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for all my sisters and brothers in our IBEW. And I want to make sure you are all working safely and taking care of each other. Call me immediately with any unsafe condition. Safety is like the Spirit of solidarity that runs through the ranks of our great Brotherhood, it is something we must commit to every day of the year.

Brotherhood is a tradition. WE are not just employees but a FAMILY of skilled workers. WE are a community of people linked by a common interest. That is the definition of Brotherhood.  Our common interest is being the best trained, better wages, safer working conditions, health benefits and retirement. Equal pay and protection for all. Everyone in America should have this. But only 10% of America’s population is in a union. We must be vigilant and always protect our union.

In closing, WE must always strive to keep OUR Brotherhood alive. Let’s simply start by going back to the basics. Let’s begin this new year by addressing each other as “Sister” or “Brother.” It is a respectful way, a way our founding fathers did when our IBEW was formed. By doing this we are trying to keep Brotherhood not only on our tongues but also in our heart. Little things can lead to big changes if we work together as a Brotherhood.

God bless you, yours, and our IBEW.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Bro. Ivan De Herrera, Jr.
Asst. Business Manager
IBEW Local 11
297 N. Marengo Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 243-9734 (office)
(626) 660-9479 (cell)

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