District 3 — March Report

What can I say that already hasn’t been said? We are living in a very stressful time that will definitely leave its mark in history. But I’m not here to report on the COVID-19 pandemic, but to report on what’s going on in District 3. Frontier / Kemper has started working on the temporary substation that will power up the Tunnel Boring Machine for the third section of the Purple Line. We have a few members out there now, and were setting some of the gear today, 3/20/2020. Helix at the MSC at LAX will be scaling back slowly over the next few weeks but will be continuing to work some overtime over that period. I also visited the ITF West project where people will be able to be picked up from the airport by friends or family when completed. It too has a very large footprint similar to the CONRAC job. Unfortunately, as of this article, the rain has caused a temporary slow-down because the job is in the underground stage, and it doesn’t take a chemist to know that water and dirt equals mud. LAWA has temporarily stop issuing airport badges, but luckily, four of the good size jobs are considered “Landside” and don’t require LAWA badges.

On another note, the District 3 Welfare Committee will be getting in some Do Rags shortly with the IBEW bug, similar to the ones you might have seen out on the job. I believe I speak for all the Welfare Committee’s when I say Thank you for purchasing our merchandise. That money goes to a fund in that District to help members who might have been injured or fell ill, and that may need a little financial assistance to pay dues or some other necessity.

And finally, as a 35-year member, I’ve seen bad times, and I’ve seen good times. But I’ve never seen bad good times! Together as Brothers and Sisters, I know we can weather this storm.

Take care of each other. Take care of your family. And take care of yourself. We all need you.

Fraternally, Mike C

Mike Costigan
IBEW Local 11
Business Representative

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