Use Our Resources and Good News on the Organizing Front

Sisters and brothers,

I hope this monthly report finds you well. Job calls remain strong in all classifications. Now is a good time for your friends and family to join the IBEW.

As in prior newsletters, I would encourage Inside Wiremen and apprentices to consider supplementing their future employment and enter the industrial world at our area refineries. All the refineries are covered under a Project Labor Agreement. This means they are required to employ IBEW members. These lucrative jobs follow stringent safety demands and require several certifications. Refinery Safety Overview 20 and Transportation Worker Identification Credential are the most important. Both courses are reimbursed the members cost and offer a stipend from the Labor Management Cooperation Committee. These jobs will sustain us through a downturn in the economy as refineries constantly upgrade their process to meet demand and install any safety technology.

Governor Newsom’s State of the State address last week prioritized homelessness and mental health. His goal is to build more homes to fill the needs of the communities. Some homelessness is a result of either drug use or mental health issues. Society needs to solve this problem for all Americans. Remember, the Membership Assistance Program is a free service available to all IBEW 11 members. A counselor can either address or refer you to a professional who can help with any struggles, be it financial, law, drug or alcohol dependency. Please use this free and beneficial service.

This is only one of the many benefits you enjoy as an IBEW member. From a pension, annuity, health plan, supplemental insurance coverage and health reimbursement card, you are covered. The trustees of the SUP Plan are looking at the feasibility of increasing the amount to supplement unemployment benefits. $200 dollars would be available to apprentices during their weeklong schooling and $300 dollars would be available for journeyman who are out of work. You will have to fulfill all requirements, but hopefully it will help financially.

To end on a high note, IBEW 11 has secured two projects that were in jeopardy of being nonunion. Clark Construction has agreed to award 50 percent of electrical work and 100 percent of sound and communication work to signatory contractors on the construction of a new hospital for Cedars Sinai in Marina Del Rey. Bergelectric has been doing the design build and was awarded the project. Through the Los Angeles/Orange County Building Trades Council, Clark agreed to give a percentage of the work to union contractors. If you take this job, please remember to represent IBEW 11 well. We would like Bergelectric back in the fold, so show them the professionalism we bring and value we have to offer. In addition, the nonunion electricians are just like us, wanting the best for their families and careers. Treat them with respect, as you never know their path and they are workers just like us. We want to show both the contractor and the electricians that IBEW is the right choice.

In the Port of Los Angeles, Space X will be building a new facility using union labor. Thanks to the agents and organizers for their hard work monitoring and securing this work.

I will close in thanking you for your faith in me to serve as business manager of this great local union.


Joel Barton
IBEW 11 Business Manager

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