District 4 — May Report

D4 Brothers & Sisters,

During these unprecedented times, I hope all our members and their families have been able to stay safe and healthy.  With all the industries that have had to close it is great to see so many of our members still getting to work on essential job sites. With our dispatch hall getting to dispatch essential workers daily, our Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan, and our District Welfare Committees working with members in need, it is a time to be proud of our Union Brotherhood.

The Business Manager, Joel Barton, along with Organizer Ben Frank and myself, visited several job sites in District 4 this month verifying safe working conditions and ensuring that contractors had provided proper PPE for all our working members.  At the District 4 dispatch hall, we have provided IBEW face mask to members as they have been dispatched out and we continue to provide a safe and sanitized dispatch area.

As the next few months continue to unveil the new normal. your agents are working hard to secure what is your work and ensure the safest working environment.

Thank you!

Marc Greenfield
IBEW Local 11
District 4

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