President’s Message — June 2020

Brothers and Sisters,

I want to express the importance of keeping your payroll records. Keeping these paystubs can prove to be valuable to you at some future time. If (for example) your vacation statement comes to you and shows a different total of contributions than what your paystubs add up to, that should cause you to call the credit union to find out why the numbers are different. It is possible that you might have taken some time off or the employer messed up on the reporting of your hours and/or contributions. Paystubs are your proof!

The trust offices send all participating members quarterly statements of health hourly contributions and pension hour contributions. All members should review those hours and numbers reported and compare them to your paystubs as well.

Some of our members have working dues deducted from their paychecks. The total should equal out to the working dues annual report (statement) that the local sends to you each year.

This statement can be beneficial for income tax purposes. Additionally, if any of our members work for a “subscription agreement” contractor (a non-union contractor who isn’t familiar with paying union wages and fringes), a member could work months for that contractor and all the while that contractor isn’t paying into the trust benefits for you. The quarterly statements are especially necessary for you to look at and review for you and your families “peace of mind”.

As always, if you have questions of your benefits then please call the trust offices. If you have other questions then please call the locals offices.

Be safe and work hard brothers and sisters!

Rusty Roten

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