Safety and Tradition

Hello my Sisters and Brothers,

I pray you and yours are healthy and doing well. As we continue to adapt and change to the rules, we must always focus on our safety and the safety of others. We cannot allow news or bad info to take control of our thoughts while trying to work safely. Our actions must include taking care of the sisters or brothers next to you. I will continue to push the message…We are our Brother’s and Sister’s Keepers.

Through the years I have had many Brother’s and Sister’s come up with phrases and sayings we still use. I can’t remember who said it but the ole timer said to all us young members. It goes like this…

“If you work with your hands, you are a laborer. If you work with your hands and mind, you are a craftsman. If you work with your hands, your mind and your heart…then you are an IBEW Sister or Brother.” It is true, we are one trade where we look after each other and those in our community. We always find ways to assist and help those in need. I am proud to call you all friend and my brother or sister.

I will continue to keep you and yours in my daily prayers. I am here to advise, listen or assist you in any way I can. I am proud of all of you who go out every day and do the work that needs to be done. Please continue to lift one another. Continue to find the good in everything. We together will get thru this. Please call me with any questions or concerns.

Work safely.

God bless and protect you, yours and all IBEW members.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Brother Ivan De Herrera, Jr.
Asst. Business Manager
Director of Safety

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