District 1 — August Report

District 1 August Report

  1. Large Project starting at The Exchange near 3rd street and the 110 Frewway that’s a fast track project. ILB is the NECA CONTRACTOR.
  2. MLK Hospital has around 50 + IBEW Members that is just getting a Steward appointed at the Mental Hospital Project. Taft Electric.
  3. Grand Towers is a large two-building high rise tower project next door to Disney Concert Hall. Rosendin Electric is on it. It’s in the very early stages.
  4. CSI ELECTRIC is doing a 60+ story tower project at 8th and Figueroa. They will pour the foundation slab that will take two days of continuous trucks to fill a 16-foot slab. It’s very early only; about 6 workers there.
  5. LAUSD has several large projects from HVAC installations to a couple of new campuses. I will have some more information next month.

Shomari Davis

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