District 3 — September Report

District 3 Report,

As summer comes to a close, the work picture is still fairly active with a selection of jobs in all districts. Out here in district 3, we have a lot of members working here even though the calls have slowed some.

As I’ve reported before, LAX is a beehive of activity with multiple projects as reflected by all the visible cranes. We’ve also had a couple of calls for the Purple Line 3 for Frontier Kemper with hopefully more to come soon. Be prepared to take those calls by keeping all your certifications up to date.

As November closes in, make sure your registration information is up to date. Although California is historically a blue state, there are a lot of lower tier elections and propositions that require our support. And finally, I’d like to thank all the members who support our welfare committees by purchasing our shirts and other merchandise.

In addition to showing support for our local by wearing the gear, it helps welfare committees help members who are in need of financial assistance due to injury or illness.

Mike Costigan
IBEW Local 11
Business Representative
C: 310.503.5337

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