District 1 — October Report

District 1 October Report

  1. Lend Lease is the Developer at 8th & Figueroa. It’s a 43- story high rise tower. It is being dug out now for 3 – 4 stories underground for parking. Rosendin Electric is the NECA contractor and is just setting up offices.
  2. 960 W. 7th Street Tower is a CSI Electric Tower project that is over 56 stories tall that will be featured in the IBEW LOCAL 11 newsletter. WEBCOR is the General Contractor.
  3. ILB Electric is at the old Pacific Stock Exchange at 2nd and Beaudry. They will be asking for manpower in a few weeks. It is a future DWP Call Center. A lot of EMT pipe installation will require a lot of possible overtime. It is supposed to be a fast track project.
  4. Pico and Figueroa is the first phase of a high-rise hotel that’s just at the second level of the parking structure. It is around 40 stories tall and SASCO Electric is the NECA Contractor. The G.C. is SUFFOLK.
  5. The Olympia Project – the billion dollar three tower project is adjacent to the 110 FWY across from the LA Live Theater on Olympic Boulevard and Georgia Street. The project is getting entitlements and has been cleared.
  6. Governor Newsom just signed Assembly Bill 841 for all electric charging stations in California to be installed by EVITP trained electricians giving NECA Contractors and IBEW opportunities for projects.
  7. Grand Towers Project is located across from the Disney Concert Hall. Rosendin Electric is the NECA Contractor onsite. The Two Tower project is scheduled to go for another 18 months to two years.
  8. 2nd and Broadway is the Tribune Project that is opting for a residential tower that will be 37 stories. It’s in the entitlement phase.
  9. Metro Regional Connector project is underway and has a couple of years until completion. Dynaelectric and DCD Electric are some of the NECA Contractors on this billion dollar project.
  10. The Lucas Museum is a billion dollar museum project

Shomari Davis
Business Representative

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