District 2 — December Refineries Report

Refinery work in District 2 is very much on the rise. The contractors at various refineries in Carson, Wilmington, and Torrance will be in need of lots of manpower for upcoming turnarounds and for general maintenance throughout many of our refineries. All this work has come following the SB-54 legislation which passed and is now really taking effect and adding to our work picture.

There will be 60–70 calls for those who have RSO and TWIC cards out to the Phillips 66 Refinery in Wilmington for December and more calls in January for those who wish to do industrial work. There is also a need for Certified High Voltage Cable Splicers and for Certified Process Instrumentation Technicians at Phillips 66. M.B. Herzog is working at Torrance Refinery – PBF and will be looking to hire more electricians after the first of the year for both turn-around work and for general construction.

Manny Solis
District 2 Business Representative/ IBEW Examining Board Chairman
(626) 318-7442 (cell)
(626) 243-9700 (office)

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