District 4 Report — January 2021

Greetings to everyone from District 4.

There is not much new to report on. Covid-19 is really putting a damper on life! But I am still looking forward to a busy year with some good projects upcoming in the Valleys.

At a meeting last week, The Building Trades announced that they are working on a PLA worth over $1.5 billion to rebuild or retrofit the Olive View Medical Center Hospital in Sylmar and add several buildings to the facility over the next several years.

Please be safe, wear a mask, and social distance. Hopefully, we can get past this and get on with our lives.

Marc Greenfield
Business Representative
District 4
O: (818) 361-7774
C: (818) 402-2853

District 4 Organizing Report – January 2021

2020 was a great year for organizing despite Covid-19.  2021 appears to be a off to a little bit of a slow start, but I believe it will pick up after the first quarter.

So far, we have added to our Local 11 webpage with the new “Join” section which feature some videos we produced to bust the lies and suppression tactics of some of our biggest non-union competitors. These videos featured newly-organized rank and file members from Berg, Helix and other non-union shops that bid on work that could be ours. These videos are so important in our mission to gain market share, grow our membership and bring more bargaining power to our local when it is time for negotiations.

Make no mistake, organizing new members and new contractors is in our best interest. Not only is it in our constitution to organize all non-union labor, but it brings us parts of the market we lost years ago like residential. They  take away from the non-union supervision and experienced General Foreman and Foreman who run those projects and the hard-working journeyman and apprentices which are vital for the big non-union shops to man jobs and bid more work.

Please check out our videos on the Local 11 YouTube page and spread the word to family members and strangers. Remember, we are all organizers!

Please pass along my number for questions about organizing,

Ben Frank
Journeyman Wirema
(626) 491-5705

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