Safety Report — January 2021

Hello my sisters and brothers,

I pray that you and your families are safe and doing well. As we continue to move slowly through this pandemic, it is important to stay focused on your safety and the safety of others. Use the right size ladder, the right tool for the job, and wear your facemasks. Keep the required distances. Wash your hands often, not only on the job but as you go about your daily business.

We are UNION – united together through our membership in the IBEW. We truly are sisters and brothers of this IBEW. You must believe this. Believe that your family is my family, that my family is your family. WE share this Sister and Brotherhood. We should truly look after each other. No member should ever feel alone. We must get back to the basics. Bring back the thoughts and the way this IBEW was formed. It was about taking care of each other. Henry Miller and nine others came together and said, “if we don’t start looking after each other, no one will be left.” They were concerned for each other’s safety and their family. They did not want to go visit a fellow workers wife, children and report bad news. So they did something about it.

How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from? Back in 1891 when the IBEW was formed, 50% of electrical workers died on the job. Those original 10 founders took control. They knew being part of a brotherhood required action and that’s exactly what they did. We need to bring it back like that, to look after and care for one another. Take ownership of your safety and the safety of those around you. Know that the member next to you has friends and family just like you. We are our Brothers’ and Sisters’ keepers!

Call me if you want me to come speak about safety or if you have a safety issue. Don’t wait until someone gets hurt. Please call, text, or email me if you need any help, advice, or assistance. I will always give my best effort to help.

I will end with the tradition of your yellow ticket. Your card number is a piece of history. Every card number is recorded and is in the lifetime file at the IBEW Archives. Carry that yellow ticket. Wear it. Be proud of it. That number is your number. Know that number. Memorize it. It is important, very important. Keep your dues paid up. Your family cannot receive your death benefits if, God forbid, something happens to you.

Be proud to be an IBEW member. Your yellow ticket makes you a member, but it is your actions that make you a Brother or Sister. Share the Brother and Sisterhood with each other. Bring it back to the way the original 10 wanted it to be. Be part of making us stronger.

I am honored to be working for you. I consider it a privilege to represent you. May God watch over and protect you, yours and our IBEW Family.


Yours in Brotherhood,
Bro. Ivan De Herrera, Jr.
Sr. Asst. Business Manager
Director of Safety
(626) 660-9479 (cell)

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