District 6 Report — February 2021

Hello to my District 6 brothers and sisters!

I would like to congratulate the new members who were sworn in at the last general information meeting. Welcome to the IBEW family! Hearing you sworn in (via Zoom) brought me back to 20 years ago when I raised my right hand and swore to uphold the IBEW Constitution and its laws. Back then, we had a President named Dean Todd and we used to have our general membership meetings in the old Teamsters Hall in South El Monte. I was only 27 years old, but I was honored and excited to become an IBEW brother.

I am a 3rd generation IBEW brother and the union has always had a strong presence in my family’s history. The IBEW has provided my family with many opportunities and securities, all of which we are very thankful for. Through the good times and bad, we always knew we could count on the extended IBEW family to be by our side. As you’ll soon find out, the brotherhood/sisterhood extends well beyond the worksite.

Twenty years from now, you will be laughing and telling stories to a new member about how you were at home, in your living room, standing in front of a laptop, being sworn in to the IBEW via Zoom during the COVID-19 era.  There is no doubt that your swearing in is a one-of-a-kind experience. Thank you for your hard work and perseverance during these unprecedented times. You certainly have much to be proud of and much to look forward to.

Now that you are a member, please do not let the day you were sworn in be the last day you attend a meeting. Stay active in your local, volunteer when an opportunity arises, entertain, and take the time to understand your unit and general meetings because you are the future of the IBEW! Afterall, with participation comes unity, and with unity comes brotherhood/sisterhood. Also, please remember that we might not always agree on certain issues, but I will always be there to hear your grievances.

As I’ve said before, it is a great honor to serve you as your business agent. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Erik Delgado
Business Representative
District 6


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