President’s Message — March 2021

Local 11 vs. The COVID-19 Pandemic: Where we Stand

From the President,

So here I am writing to you, brothers and sisters, about where we stand in the grand scheme of things some 13 months into the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We have tried to help everyone understand what the ramifications are if you don’t protect yourself. We are lucky to have the option to work. When work has not been possible, we have come up with other means of support for most all our members.

Keeping one another informed was the obvious next step. The Business Manager went out to over 100 job sites where he gave out face coverings and assured all that we would get through this and urged us to support one another. We have held informational Zoom meetings and voted by mail for our contract allocations. As things have intensified, we have made adjustments and adaptations.

So here we are near the end of this pandemic. We have encouraged everybody to get their vaccinations when they become available. One of our district offices now serves as a distribution site for one of the vaccines. We have sent out e-mails to all our members urging them to register for the vaccinations and to get them as soon as possible.

We are a family.  If there is something else that needs to be addressed, then please don’t hesitate to contact our agents or the main office. Everyone’s well being is what matters most.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve.

In Solidarity,
Gaylord R (Rusty) Roten

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