Announcing Berg’s Going Union National Campaign

Sisters and Brothers,

Over the years, Local Union Organizers across our Brotherhood have worked with Bergelectricemployees to better their livelihood by joining the IBEW. Thanks to that hard work, hundreds, if notthousands, of former Bergelectric employees are now members of our great Union. Despite all thatwork, these campaigns were localized and not coordinated across the entire Bergelectric footprint.

Today, I am proud to announce the Berg’s Going Union (BGU) national campaign. With your help, webelieve this coordinated campaign will be able to better the industry and the livelihoods of all those atBerg. Since the launch of the coordinated campaign, over 250 Bergelectric employees have joined theIBEW and in January, BergsGoingUnion,com went live. Since then, there have been thousands of visits tothe website.

We all know how successfulthe partnership between IBEW and our contractors can be. That is whysince the start of this campaign, we have made many attempts to meet with Bergelectric management.Unfortunately, they have not accepted our invitation. While we will keep the door open, we won’t waitto help Bergelectric employees get the most out of their career, Afterall, they are electrical workers justlike us.

I ask every IBEW member to recognize that Bergelectric employees are not your competition and that allelectrical workers share a common goal: to provide for themselves and their families. We must standunited and be supportive of these and other unrepresented electricians. lt is our duty as IBEW membersto educate them about what our Union stands for, as it is our duty to elevate the industry. Already ourefforts are raising standards. As more and more Berg employees join the IBEW, many of those who stillwork there have received pay raises since the start of our campaign.

Even though we are coordinating our efforts across Berg for the first time, Local Union Organizers haveand will continue to be involved in all activities. Recently, organizers across multiple IBEW Districtsparticipated in a Berg Summit to coordinate how we may best assist these workers in their fight forbetter wages and working conditions. Regardless of where they live, one of the most powerful storieswe can share is of former Berg employees that have joined our Brotherhood.

So, if you are an IBEW member that worked for Bergelectric in the past, I hope you will be willing toshare your story. Local Union Organizers are available if you would like to discuss your Bergelectricexperience or you can email lf you know a current Bergelectric employee,please reach out to them about the benefits of being IBEW. Today, Berg’s Going Union, but with all of ustogether, someday we’ll be able to say Berg Went Union thanks to your hard work. Help spread theword by “liking” us on Facebook (Bergs Going Union) and lnstagram (@bergsgoingunion).

Greg L. Boyd
9th District Organizing Coordinator


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