Sound & Communications — July Report

Brothers and Sisters,

It would appear that all of those little wires add up to quite a lot as we build the future. Our future. Your future. We have seen the demand for our services on the rise, as of late, and with the demand has come more scrutiny. We cannot sit back and think that we have got this licked. Education is the foundation for our advancement. Our technology sees advancements, upgrades and change at an unprecedented pace, and we must keep up. While many of the manufacturers have specialized training for the purpose of Certification and warranty, we must take advantage of the training that will be provided for us once the ETI is allowed to once again have a physical presence in Los Angeles. Our apprentices must pass state mandated tests in order to become Journeymen and Journeywomen, we have many new members, Journeymen and Journeywomen, that do not have the VDV or FLS certifications and for much of the upcoming work these certs are essential. Get yourselves registered NOW for the classes at the ETI, the only way classes are scheduled is by the demand that we put on the ETI. Continue your education, better your life and the lives of the ones that you love.

Our next negotiations are not that far off, we want to give NECA every chance to make right what has been neglected in the past.

Work safe, Play safe.

Chuck Webb
Business Agent
Sound & Communications

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